Shaking up the festival scene

Festival season is fast approaching.

Before you know it it’ll be time to meander round the Merchant City Festival, walking up to food stalls and stressing out over whether to commit to paella when there could be something better round the corner.

Then there’s the Riverside Festival, this is when people go and listen to DJ’s they’ve never heard of before stumbling along the Clyde a little worse for wear.

Glasgow’s festivals cover everything from food and drink, to music and fine art.

This year is going to bring something different to the table and I believe it is going to become a regular feature on Glasgow’s festival calendar.

The Sweat It festival is the newest addition to Glasgow’s festival calendar, think of it as the Merchant City Festival of fitness, covering everything from yoga & nutrition classes to refuel your body and mind, to crossfit and HIIT classes to push your body to its limits.

I got a chance to catch up with the festivals founder and organiser Emma Lynch and was very impressed by what she had to say.

Emma has created the festival with the idea of it developing a sense of community within the fitness niche and offering a unique opportunity to explore different offerings from the world of fitness.

The SweatIt festival is going to take over SWG3 on the 20th of May and turn it into a fitness lovers paradise.

It may sound like a bit of a cliche to say there’s something for everyone but I say it as a huge compliment to the effort Emma has put into this event, you are in for an incredible day if you manage to get your hands on a ticket.

Your Sweat-It festival experience can be anything you want it to be, do you fancy doing some vinyasa yoga with the Kali collective followed by a cooking workshop and finish up with a delicious smoothie and a chat at the juice bar?

Perhaps you want to find out what you’re made of in the Crossfit sessions, quickly refuel with a delicious meal from Wee Guy’s cafe before tackling ‘The Yard’ which is being taken over by British Military Fitness?

You may even decide you want all of the above, which won’t be a problem because your ticket gets you unlimited access to all the events and workshops at the festival.

There are so many cool things happening at this festival so don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll ‘pop down for a bit’ or make plans for afterwards.

Once you get into the venue, experience the incredible workshops and events, listen to the live DJ’s playing the hottest tracks and start discover areas of fitness that you didn’t know existed, you’ll be in for the whole day.

My advice to you, as someone who works in the fitness industry as a coach, is to get your friends together, get your hands on tickets (early bird tickets are available till February 28th), get your freshest gym outfit on, get yourselves down to SWG3 and get after it!

I think there’s a small-ish elephant in the room here that I should address.

You might be thinking that this is going to be full of people flexing, posing and trying to get selfies in good lighting, this won’t be the case. The Sweat It festival has been conceived around getting involved, trying new things, pushing yourself beyond what you previously thought you were capable of, and having a great day out with your friends.

Plus, you try taking a selfie during a Crossfit class and you’ll get a barbell to the face, try it in a British Military Fitness Class and it’ll be an extra 50 press ups!



20th of May at SWG 3, times TBA.


Head over to Sweat It Festival Tickets and get your tickets now.


Early bird tickets are available until the 28th of February, after that they are up to full price.