Day 2 Hang Challenge

Day 2 Tuesday 16th Jan- Touring Bar

Sadly the snow ☃️ made it difficult to get to our planned locations but we managed to fight our way through and surprise The Climbing Academy with a 2 hour visit of the Glasgow Hang Bar.

Sam, who had featured in our Clyde 1 video against Cassie (Clyde 1) & Neil (SFN Expo), was keen to repair his reputation after his poor display that day, losing convincingly to Neil. This time round Sam managed a fantastic time of 2 minutes 19 seconds, 7 seconds more than Neils time. I think we might have a small rivalry growing as Sam was keen to make sure Neils time was a thing of the past. We think a face off could be arranged for when The Climbing Academy host the Hang Challenge on Sunday 28th Jan and we can finally crown the winner of Sam v Neil 👑

We saw some amazing times with lots of people getting over 1 minute 30, but the leader 🥇 of the day hung for a smashing time of 3 MINUTES & 30 SECONDS 😲. Well done to Gary 👍👍👍

The question... can this time be beaten?

We are confident it can after witnessing another participant getting 3 mins 20 secs!

Check out our video highlights from the day below.

Get involved there are prizes to be won each day and remember just for taking part you have a chance of winning not only some amazing prizes but cash 💰💰💰💰

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Thanks to The Climbing Academy for letting us drop in, we will see you on the final day Sunday 28th January 2018.