Day 10 - Hang Challenge

Day 10 of The Glasgow Hang Challenge is now complete and what a fun day we had!

Pinkston Watersports were our host for the day so we had lots of willing participants to test their skills on the hang challenge as well as having some fun on the water. We were lucky enough to have a wee break from timing the hang challenge to try out a few activities on offer.

The rafting down the whitewater course was a personal favourite with you and your team battling against the course and current. It wasn't just brilliant fun it was also a bit of a workout.

I'm sure they planned for me to end up in the water at some point during the day and sure enough just as we were nearing the end of the course. With one last section to go and the team fighting hard against the current to get us to the finish line (warm & dry), the raft had other ideas deciding it was time we go off and with a couple quick turns we all ended up in the water! It was cold but with my wetsuit & buoyancy aid on you can peacefully float to the side and start again (I have to admit there was some finger pointing as I felt my experience team had planned this). 

Pinkston is a hidden gem in team voomfit's eyes. Its home to Scotland's only artificial whitewater course and its based right here in Glasgow! They have some many activities available for individuals, groups & corporate days out. The incredible helpful staff will be more than happy to assist with any questions.

A selection of the activities on offer.

We fancy trying the River Boarding which is described on Pinkston's website as "Get a taste of the whitewater on a boogie board; thrills and spills guaranteed!" SOLD TEAM VOOMFIT ARE IN :-)

You can find more information about Pinkston on their website and also follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

You can see we had a really fun day but now back to the challenge. We had lots of people testing their skills with some contenders using their lunch break to come up and give it a bash.  Best times of the day were 2m 40s so the time to beat is still 3 minutes and 44 seconds!


Our highlights video from Day 10 below: (If you missed us on Facebook Live we had a 'Team Voomfit" Face Off with the loser jumping in the water).


🎉🎉🎉 PRIZE TIME  🎉🎉🎉

Time to find out the participant who have been randomly drawn as the winners of:

⭐️ £100 Cash 💷 ⭐️

And the winner is ....... 🥁🥁🥁

£100 CASH

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Keith Thompson ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Well done Keith! We will be in touch shortly to arrange your prizes.

My friendly reminder the winner above won the cash just for taking part! Team voomfit want to see everyone taking part and have a chance of winning so don't delay and get involved. 

Thanks 🙏 to our hosts Pinkston Watersports you guys were amazing.

Day 11 - Thursday 25th Jan at True Gym @ True Student from 10am - 6pm is the next stop for The Glasgow Hang Challenge. Come down and get hanging Cash 💰 & Prizes 🎁  to be won!!!

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Team voomfit 👌