Being Injured Sucks

Being injured sucks.

For some people, it puts them off training all together.

For others, it makes them seek out a rehab program to get over the injury and back to full fitness.

The latter is obviously the better option however, most rehab programs are severely lacking.

Want to know the harsh reality of most rehab programs? Once they have fixed the pain you are cast out into the training wilderness, you have no idea how to go about training hard again because your scared that you’ll get injured again.

After all, the biggest predictor of injury is an old injury.

Rehab plans tend to suffer from tunnel vision, they focus on fixing the pain and then that’s the job done. A truly comprehensive rehab plan not only takes care of the initial injury or pain, but goes beyond that and shows you how to train and perform at a high standard once again.

Luckily, there is a trainer from across the Irish sea who has landed in Glasgow and specializes in doing the latter.

Fred Chesne is a trainer at the True Student facility on Kelvinhaugh street in Glasgow’s west end. Fred comes from a rugby background, so knows a thing or two about injuries, and has helped countless people get back to full fitness and, equally importantly, full confidence.

Fred’s services are designed from a viewpoint that overlooks the whole process, not just the removal of pain or recovery from injury. Fred coaches his clients back to full confidence with regards to their ability to perform which allows them to train hard and make consistent progress.

Fred is very aware of the mental aspects of injuries, he knows that injuries can lead to you doubting your own abilities, feeling like all your hard work has been undone and uncertain about returning to full training.

With the help of Fred’s coaching your injury will be a slight detour that will actually teach your about your body and have you back to performing at the level you are capable of.

Fred is also highly knowledgeable when it comes to strength and conditioning so your post rehab training will not be all balancing on bosu balls and bodyweight exercises. Fred will coach you on how to get stronger and more muscular by using safe and effective technique.

Fred takes his clients from being injured, in pain and uncertain of their fitness future, to moving pain free and crushing big weights.


Ireland’s loss is Glasgow’s gain, if you want to get in touch with Fred then you can do so through any of the following;

Instagram; @fredchesnefitness




Written by Chris Burns, performance coach and published fitness writer.